Sitting With The Earth

The purpose of this work is to provide a space where we can rest in fulfillment and beauty as the mindstream continues passing by. We sit with the Earth and let things be as they are, continuing through conversation and silence, present and open.

Be As You Are*



What Is Left To Do Or Think About
When We Don't Put Ourselves On A Path?

When we allow ourselves to Be without engaging in any progress or projects, we let go of compelled activity – and we also let go of compelled stillness or rigid silent meditation. Speaking and silence come and go, and we aren’t on our way anywhere. When we notice ourselves on a path again, we can gently undo it, leaving us simply Here.I am offering a space for welcoming and allowing what the moment brings.


We begin with some silence, or by checking in with each other. From there, we explore what being alive is like for us, sometimes sharing, sometimes just noticing. The space invites us into "what's next." And what's next is thisReserve a space to connect with me over phone, Signal, or Skype:


At the time our session begins, I will text you to open our channel. We rest in awareness and share texts along the way. Inviting acceptance and compassion, we explore our given experience together

SWTE Retreats

For those who want to explore this form of
being and contemplation more deeply with a retreat



"When the heart truly understands, it lets go of everything.”
– Ajahn Chah

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Open, Allowing, Free

Stepping Out Of Our Stories

SWTE offers an opportunity to let go of attachments and aversions — or at least to observe them dispassionately. When we meet, there is no agenda, nothing to do, and nothing in particular to think about.This does not mean that we are rigid in any stillness or silence that arises. We are present for each other with nothing to achieve.We may observe how we construct problems and suffering. We may encounter a full range of thoughts and feelings. We welcome them all with acceptance and gratitude. And when we can’t do that, we can be with our non-acceptance and feel what that is like.You can learn about G, the owner of SWTE, HERE*


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